Responsible tourism

Be a considerate visitor

There are things you can do to make sure your visit supports the Trail, help protect the natural environment, and respects the local people who live along the route.

Respect the current Covid-19 restrictions in the Highlands.

You can find out more here:

Take your time.

Trying to pack in too much to your visit can be stressful so why not slow the pace down? Enjoy the freedom of exploring sites along the Trail in a relaxed way – immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Trail, capture the feel of the sites by taking photographs or using your artistic skills, visit nearby communities, explore the local countryside on foot or by bike, sample local food and drink, buy local crafts. Slow travel is the way to make the most of your Highland Pictish Trail visit!

Help protect our fragile heritage:

The outdoor sites along the Trail are irreplaceable parts of Highland heritage and protected by law. Help protect them for the future by looking with your eyes and not your fingers – and please:

– don’t climb or sit on archaeological remains
– don’t remove pieces or add anything
– keep to paths where indicated
– don’t light fires or leave litter.
– obey the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Visit local museums and heritage centres.
The museums and heritage centres along the Highland Pictish Trail are treasure houses of objects and information about the heritage of the Highlands, and are staffed by local people (often committed volunteers) who can help you make the most of your visit.
Support local businesses.
Not only will you be able to enjoy local food, drink and crafts etc – you will also get to meet local people and your money will help support local jobs in often fragile communities.
Travel responsibly.

Take time to think about the most sustainable way of visiting the Trail. Can you use public transport? Can you share transport – for example, in a car, a minibus or by taking part in a local car-share scheme? Can you explore some of the Trail on foot or bike? Our Planning your trip section has further information. Remember to follow Covid-19 guidelines on public transport.

Drive and park considerately.

If you are driving, remember that the area you are visiting for your day out/holiday is someone else’s home. Especially on single-track roads, remember to let faster traffic pass – the person behind you may be the local doctor, midwife or volunteer fire and rescue team member. If you can’t find a designated car park space, please don’t obstruct passing vehicles or block property accesses etc. For further information about driving in Highland, visit our Planning your trip section

“Go before you go!”
Many of the outdoor sites along the Highland Pictish Trail do not have public toilets. Please plan your visit carefully to avoid creating pollution in the countryside.
Think about the holiday accommodation you book.

If you are staying in holiday accommodation, look out for accommodation providers who have committed to meet certain standards. VisitScotland’s Green Tourism Scheme and Quality Assurance Scheme both have useful information.

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